Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Daughter Sighting

This is kind of funny.
The other night I turned on the TV to catch
 some of the Utah Jazz game.
The show (Criminal Minds) was on
 and for an instant I recognized this actor, Scott Grimes
 and remembered him from his teenage years as a pop singer
as well as his many years playing a doctor on the popular ER.
(Listen to one of his songs as a 16 year old HERE produced by
Richard Carpenter of The Carpenters.)

All of a sudden on the TV I see my daughter in a "family portrait."
Haha. Just one of those serendipity moments. 
(We have been setting the DVR for some of the
shows she has mentioned she has worked on,
but too many to keep track of.)
 Criminal Minds is not a show I would normally watch
as I'm much too squeamish.
Ironically, neither would this particular daughter
 who has always been our "scaredy cat."

So of course I texted my daughter and she said,
"Oh, so they ended up using the photo?"
She told me she spent two hours at a photo shoot
with the actors who played her dad and her sister.
She said he was really kind and funny. 
And she had no idea who he was until I told her.
(On this episode he played a serial killer. 
Quite against type for him.)
Anyway, I told her not to watch the episode 
and just to fast forward to the times I gave her. Haha.