Friday, January 18, 2013

Rule #4: Don't let your goals control you...

14 year old daughter #3 (who will not be happy with me for posting this)
with Grammy nominated, Academy Award winner Maureen McGovern.
Here at the Broadway tour of 'Little Women.'

"We were brought up with the value that as we sow,
 so shall we reap.
We discarded the idea that anything we did
was its own reward."
~Janet Harris

At about the age of 14 I began to dream of performing on Broadway.
I actually wrote it down as one of my life goals.
While I was majoring in theatre at university I was actually
encouraged and pushed by fellow students and professors. 
But despite the dream and the goals,
 something never felt right in my gut.
I always felt more at peace when I thought of sharing my passion
through teaching.
However, I struggled for some time because of my 
goal-driven mindset.
Then, a wise-mentor told me:
"Don't set your goals in concrete because some of the
best things in life happen spontaneously."
And you know, it took me years to understand that,
but it's true.

"Setting goals can be useful and important, especially if we 
are willing to let them go when they become irrelevant, and if
we remember that the journey itself is important."
~Anne Wilson Schaef