Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rule #2: Stop comparing yourself to others...

Daughter #3 with one of her lifelong BFFs.

Apparently my talk was well-received.
I had some requests for my list of 
"Things I wish I had known in my twenties."
I've decided to post each of the items I discussed.
"I am as my Creator made me,
and since He is satisfied,
so am I."
~Minnie Smith

"How beautiful and how simple it is just to accept ourselves the way we are. Women, especially, have difficulty simply seeing the beauty in who we are. We are always comparing ourselves to others: no matter what we have or who we are, it never seems to be enough. We are always too much or too little, too fat or too skinny, too intelligent or not intelligent enough, too aggressive or not assertive enough. Whenever we compare ourselves to others, we lose."
~Anne Wilson Schaef