Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Serendipity

 For over 25 years we've pretty much done the same things
 for our Christmas season.

Though I'm a big believer in traditions.
I've also learned as time has passed
that it is not always necessary to keep 
some things in concrete.
  Some of the most lovely times
can also be created through spontaneity.

 So this year we decided to shake things up a bit.
Since daughter #3 had moved to LA this year,
we all decided to pack up and spend Christmas
with her in California.
And because our girls have always adored
Disneyland, why not spend it there?

(One of Court's heroes.)
 And may I say it was the best decision ever for our family.
We had a wonderful time together
and created some terrific memories.
No regrets.
 Cammy met her favorite classic character.
 Caitlyn and Coryn found sequined Minnie Ears.
 Coryn, who along with her dad is a STAR WARS geek,
finally got that photo with a Star Trooper.
 And the girls, who were too little to remember seeing this in 1990,
got to see Captain EO in a whole new light.

 The new CARS LAND was really fun to see.
 All in Christmas trim and pretty at night.

 Radiator Springs.
 Cinderella's Castle was all decked out in finery.
 Downtown Main Street was decorated everywhere you looked.
 And how great to see old-time Oswald back where he belongs.

 And we did indeed.
 We all got a kick out of The Haunted Mansion
recreated into Tim Burton's
Nightmare Before Christmas.
Inside and Out.
 Sandy Claus.
 Tinseled Toon Town.
 And even Small World added some "Jingle Bells" to their tune.
 California Adventure.
A Christmas time to remember indeed.