Saturday, December 1, 2012

What happens in Vegas...or When in Rome?...

 So my husband let me tag along on his trip to Las Vegas
to attend a Gartner Conference for the University.
I've never had much love for Vegas,
but since we would be staying in Caesar's Palace
I thought I'd give it another chance. 
(Here are some photos of our stay.)

 If I never get to Paris,
at least I could pretend for a night.
(Of course Bill informed me that the 'real' Eiffel Tower is MUCH bigger.)

 The Bellagio fountain show is awesome.
This one featured the music of ol' blue eyes, Frank Sinatra.

 We both enjoyed the show.
And, hey! It was FREE:)

 We made a quick stop to check in on
my husband's saloon and see how business is going:)

 Would LOVE to have caught this lady's show!
But she wasn't 'back' just yet.

 We stayed on the 26th floor.
This was our view.

 I enjoyed roaming around and looking 
at all the art and pretending I was in Rome.
(There was even a full sized replica of Michelangelo's David,
but I couldn't bring myself to take a photo.
Just couldn't figure out which angle to take it from,
you know?)

 Check out this 'chiseled' gladiator.

 It was pleasant to get outside and read
near one of the many pools.
I felt very removed from The Strip
which is what I wanted.

 I liked this area of the palace.

 When I did venture out onto The Strip,
there were always many strange people.
This man was dressed in tiny mirrors
and doing weird mime moves to 
Michael Jackson music.
(Some of the people I would absolutely NOT photograph for this blog.)

 We ate at some wonderful restaurants.
I really liked this festive place:
Serendipity 3.
Cute decor, great service, fun atmosphere.

 I had to go into this store,
a favorite of Caitlyn and Coryn.
Three stories high.

 This was our view across the street.
And THIS is the show I really would love to see!
(And Caitlyn has seen it TWICE as a guest. Spoiled child!)
Unfortunately for was a dark week and D & M
were kicking off their Christmas Show in LA.

 The Forum Stores inside Caesar's Palace
are just incredible.
Gorgeous architecture.
I enjoyed eating gelato and people watching.

All in all I'd say this was my best experience in Vegas.
Perhaps because I stayed away from the things I didn't like
and because I got to enjoy a bit more time with my husband.
And we had a big surprise.
Our daughter, Caitlyn, now living in Los Angeles,
showed up at the palace on the day before we left.
She had driven to Vegas on her own.
(Which, I'll admit, freaked me out a little bit.)
We had a great visit with her and a yummy dinner
at The Cheesecake Factory. 
A great end to a fun get-away.