Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Creepy

 Each autumn I enjoy looking out my kitchen window 
and watching our maple tree gradually changing color.
It is always a magnificent sight.
Yesterday as I looked at it,
I happened to look down and saw this:

 At first it jarred me for a moment.
Then I realized it was a doll that
had perhaps been thrown over our fence?

Kind of creepy, huh?
Ah, October.
A month of goblins, ghouls and frights.


Coryn said...

Oh my gosh. This is seriously freaky.

Cookie Doe said...

She looks slightly evil with her arms outstretched and that gleam in her eye...eek.

VaLene Hulme said...

Yes, that pose, and the nappy doll hair, and the big smile all make it a little creepy. Pretty funny, though.

Caitlyn said...

That is terrifying.. that is terrifying!