Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Yard Sailing"

 On Saturday morning I attended a unique yard sale
at my friend Kaneischa Johnson's darling home.
Kaneischa is the manager of Provo's very cool
music venue, Velour.
She had put together some treasures.
 Another friend, singer Mindy Gledhill
donated several of her vintage dresses and accessories.
I'm sure that is what drew many of the women out 
so very early in the morning.
Some of the dresses she has worn in her concerts.

Check out this beauty we nabbed for Cammy.
And in MY favorite color!
My daughter Courtney told me that when she lived in Ohio
"Thrifting" or rather "Yard Sailing"  was a sport!
I haven't done it much, but I did have a fun time 
and purchased a couple of worthwhile pieces.

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Olivia Carter said...

Oh, that dress is TO DIE FOR!