Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wonderful weekend

 The girls (minus Cait who now lives in LA) at City Creek in Salt Lake City.

Spent a fun Saturday morning at beautiful City Creek.

Celebrated Grandma K.'s 80th Birthday
at the delicious Cheesecake Factory.

 Typical Court and Cammy

The Parents

 With Uncle Matt

Coryn and I attended a concert at Velour that evening.
Met up with several friends
and I even felt like sort of a celebrity...haha.
(Yes, I guess I've turned into a groupie.) was refreshing to see several folks my age:)
Loved the opener
The Arcadians
who won Velour's Battle of the Bands.
Their CD release will be in November.
Then they all head off on two year LDS missions!
Fictionist put on their best show so far!

And for our Sabbath:
Attending a peaceful and glorious
Brigham City LDS Temple Dedication!


Mar C said...

I loved seeing the picture of your mom and matt. Happy Birthday Grandma Fox! I hope Caitlyn likes California.

Olivia Carter said...

Love the Cheesecake Factory. May favorite is Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp! YUM! And the Fire Roasted Artichoke. DOUBLE YUM!

And the concert sounds like SO MUCH fun! And the dedication was great. We went to the 3 o'clock session & the lights went out right as it was getting ready to start. We had to relocate to a new building & missed the first 15 minutes but it was pretty exciting just the same! :)

Caitlyn said...

So fun! Glad you guys had a good time. I'm surprised Grandma let you take your picture, she would never let me hahaha