Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adorable Animal Art

My daughter Court has a new series of animal drawings.
Go HERE to enjoy more.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn Photo Op

My daughter Coryn is updating her photography portfolio.
She is once again doing outdoor portrait sessions.
The above photo she took a few years back is one of my favorites.
If you're in the Utah County area and want an autumn photo session
I don't think you'll beat her deal.
Info HERE.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Autumn Leaves Drift By My Window...

Enjoy this song from one of my all-time favorite singers
who left us too soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wonderful weekend

 The girls (minus Cait who now lives in LA) at City Creek in Salt Lake City.

Spent a fun Saturday morning at beautiful City Creek.

Celebrated Grandma K.'s 80th Birthday
at the delicious Cheesecake Factory.

 Typical Court and Cammy

The Parents

 With Uncle Matt

Coryn and I attended a concert at Velour that evening.
Met up with several friends
and I even felt like sort of a celebrity...haha.
(Yes, I guess I've turned into a groupie.) was refreshing to see several folks my age:)
Loved the opener
The Arcadians
who won Velour's Battle of the Bands.
Their CD release will be in November.
Then they all head off on two year LDS missions!
Fictionist put on their best show so far!

And for our Sabbath:
Attending a peaceful and glorious
Brigham City LDS Temple Dedication!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Yard Sailing"

 On Saturday morning I attended a unique yard sale
at my friend Kaneischa Johnson's darling home.
Kaneischa is the manager of Provo's very cool
music venue, Velour.
She had put together some treasures.
 Another friend, singer Mindy Gledhill
donated several of her vintage dresses and accessories.
I'm sure that is what drew many of the women out 
so very early in the morning.
Some of the dresses she has worn in her concerts.

Check out this beauty we nabbed for Cammy.
And in MY favorite color!
My daughter Courtney told me that when she lived in Ohio
"Thrifting" or rather "Yard Sailing"  was a sport!
I haven't done it much, but I did have a fun time 
and purchased a couple of worthwhile pieces.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday Fotos

 Enjoy these photos by my friend Justin Hackworth
from our Friday Rooftop Concert.

 (Photo by Court of Jenn w/ Cammy)

 Talented singer-songwriter Jenn Blosil
opened our show.
I've heard her perform several times
but this is the first time I've met her.
She is an absolute sweetheart.
Help fund her first album at:

 The New Electric Sound are a band
with a 1960's surfer vibe.
Really a great sound.
I first heard them at Velour when
they opened for Imagine Dragons.
Keep your eyes on this band.
All very nice guys.

 Another record crowd.
At least 3500.
The parking garage was shaking.
We were assured all was well
as an engineer had checked it out.

 Here's the frontman for Fictionist
Stu Maxfield.
Wow, can he powerbelt a song!
(and he's a new daddy)

 Have I mentioned this is my favorite indie band?
As well as my friends:)

 Robbie's hair.

 Aaron is an amazing drummer!
(and also a new daddy) 

Brandon is talented musician
and a funny guy.
He pulls great faces:)

And Jacob on keys,
proves his jazz background
prepared him to play incredibly well.

A night never to be forgotten.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Rooftop was Shaking...Literally and Literarily!

 Photo by Caitlin Connolly

Am I cool or what??
Me and my FICTIONIST guys.
And these guys rocked the rooftop
like nobody's business!
Great night all around.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's a Fictionist Friday

 My favorite indie band (now signed with Atlantic Records)
are headlining our Rooftop Concert Series this Friday.
It's going to be a great concert!!

(photo from Jacob Jones via Caitlin Connolly)
FICTIONIST with their FICTIONISTAS at Jacob & Audrey's wedding.
I adore this photo.
This is what is most important to them.

Not only are they very talented musicians
but some of the nicest, caring and polite guys I've known.
Their wives are all gifted and fabulous as well.

Did I say the concert is FREE!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh Mandy...

Today I sat on the 5th row center
and listened to this man sing and entertain 
for 2 hours straight-
no intermission.
It was heavenly.

Most of you will know him from this.

What you may not know is that he has had
an extensive concert career
since 1989.

I have had a bit of a crush on Mandy Patinkin
(seen here with the exquisite Bernadette Peters)
 for over 3 decades!
My husband is okay with this.
In fact he took me to see Mandy
in concert twice.
First in 1990 and again in 1997.


I became aware of him when he won the Tony Award
for his performance as Che
in Andrew Lloyd Webber's 

 That was followed by his starring role in
Sunday in the Park With George
with Bernadette Peters.
My favorite.
I wore that CD out!

Here with Daisy Eagan and Rebecca Luker.
He was wonderful in Broadway's
The Secret Garden.
Another favorite.

Yentl w/ Amy Irving and Barbara Streisand.
Over the years I have enjoyed 
his performances in
movies and television.
Always excellent.

Maxie with Glenn Close.


Emmy award winning performance in
Chicago Hope.


Our daughters grew up listening to Mr. Patinkin's music.
I own all of his CDs.
My Coryn thinks of him as a piece of her childhood
and in fact went with me and my mom to see
his 2008 concert and attended today as well.

Aside from his outstanding vocal abilities
and his many varied talents
the thing I admire most about Mandy Patinkin
is his devotion to his family.
He has said many times over the years that
his family is his first priority.
He has been married for 34 years
 to the darling and talented writer,
Kathryn Grody
and they are the parents of
Isaac and Gideon.

Give his music a listen:)