Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Room at the Top"..well not really. It was packed.

Well that was quite a concert!
I didn't realize how many Tom Petty songs I knew. 
Neat to hear each artist's take on a song.
Tom Petty has been on the music scene for over 40 years
so he has a vast library.
Paul Jacobsen chose a great cross-section of his work.


Had to post the traditional photo of me
with a skinny musician.
Just some guy named Tyler Glenn
from some little band called NEON TREES:)
He, along with bandmates
bassist Brandon Campbell 
and drummer Elaine Bradley
(who is 8 months pregnant by the way) 
came along to perform in the show.

 Here's Cammy with Brandon.
I enjoyed talking with him and his lovely wife, Emilee.
They have two darling children 
and make their home in Utah County.
Of course, Brandon is often on the road
with the band who left on tour
the next morning.

I forgot to get a photo with Elaine.
I enjoyed my conversation with she and her
handsome husband, Sebastian.
I told her that when I was in junior high I wanted to be a drummer
like my singing idol Karen Carpenter. 
She liked hearing that and knew all about Karen.
Elaine is an amazing drummer
and she showed off her strong vocal chops dueting
with Tyler on the Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty song
"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."

Chung Sung-Getty Image

Neon Trees is presently touring the country 
promoting their 2nd album
"Picture Show,"
And singing their single
"Everybody Talks"
on all the late-night shows and
early morning shows and
playing to sold out concert venues.
It was such a surprise to the 
Rooftop audience when they were introduced
as performers in the Tom Petty Concert.
Huge reaction!

Nate Pyfer of "The Moth and The Flame" singing
"You Don't Know How It Feels"

Ryan Innes singing

Sarah Sample instagram

Sarah Sample singing

Dan Nailen

My friend, Stu Maxfield,
of "Fictionist"
rocking the roof with
(Stu has a great rock voice and he and I discussed the importance of
always warming up and keeping his voice healthy especially as they
prepare to tour the country in promotion of their
new album with Atlantic Records. He and his wife are expecting their
first baby any day. The album drops in September.)

Dan Nailen

And finally,
Elaine and Tyler
belting out
"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around."
At one point Tyler got down on his knees and bent
completely onto his back while power belting.
Quite the limber display.
I asked him afterwards where he took Yoga
so I could sign up:)
Probably why he is so skinny.

A long, exhilarating day for everyone involved.
My poor girls and husband hung around until
we'd said our goodbyes to the artists
(all very gracious and grateful for our efforts)
and the last performer had left the greenroom. 
After hours of clean-up we went home
and our exhausted bodies fell into our beds.
A Rock & Roll night to remember.

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Coryn said...

This was a really fun concert!