Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Reading saturates the imagination with possibilities." Jack Gantos
 Illustrator Tom Lichtenheld and Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Attended my 24th year of BYU's
this past week.
Started attending to keep my teaching license current
and looked forward to it so much each summer
that I just kept attending.

The two presenters above were my favorites this year.
Tom and Amy met 30 years ago when they were both
working in the field of Advertising.
They have collaborated on several children's picture books
as well as projects of their own.
Their Duck! Rabbit!
was named one of the ten best children's books
of 2009
by Publishers Weekly and Time Magazine

Jack Gantos has written books for people of all ages,
from picture book and middle readers
to juvenile fiction and adult novels.
He shared many tales from his fascinating upbringing.
Many of those stories found their way into his novel:

His book won this year's prestigious 
Newbery Award.

Nic Bishop is an amazing wildlife photographer.
His non-fiction nature books are beloved by children
because of the incredible photos he captures of
frogs, insects and spiders.
Born in England, he was raised in Bangladesh
by his biologist parents.
Later he lived in New Guinea and New Zealand.
He has traveled to many exotic locations around the world
to photograph his subjects.

He said that some of his photographs take
 as long as 6 months to capture.

Jeanette Ingold is the author of seven award-winning novels for middle-school
and young adult readers.
She opens up new worlds for her readers to explore.
Her writing would be considered historical fiction.
Some of these include
a story of of teens who served in the 
Civilian Conservation Crops during the Great Depression;
The Big Burn
about the 1910 wildfires that swept the Northwest;
and her newest novel,
Paper Daughter
the story of a young Asian girl who interns
at a local newspaper only to uncover some secrets and lies
connected to the Chinese Exclusion Era that may be
linked to her recently deceased father.

I still maintain the opinion that you don't need to be
 in middle school
to read some of the best books on the market.
Juvenile Fiction is where it's at.

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Neighbor lady said...

Wow! Thanks for some new books to put on my summer list. I am in the middle of The Undaunted thanks to your YW lesson!!! What a great opportunity you have every year...Thanks for sharing.