Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you hear the people sing?...

Cammy and I with J. Michael Bailey, who happened to play an amazing Jean Valjean!
(As you can see, I was a complete blubbering mess after the show.)

Our family hopped in the van and headed off to see
at the Tony Award-winning
Utah Shakespearean Festival.

The girls doing their traditional poses at the King Lear statue.

As we arrived at the campus there was an epic downpour of rain.
So much for a "good hair day."
My husband was chivalrous as he helped 
several older women
cross the 5 foot wide rushing gutter waters
in order to get to the theatre.

We always have to stop and say hi to Sir John Falstaff.

Soon the sun came out.
The grounds were lovely as always.
Excitement in the air as patrons began to arrive
for the sold-out matinee.

Of course, Court had to wear her "24601" shirt.

Fun to see Fred Adams
(who founded the Festival 51 years ago)
in attendance.
(Name drop: He is on my family tree.)

All photo credits Karl Hugh

First off, I have to say that J. Michael Bailey
was a revelation.
He absolutely nailed "Bring Him Home."
Chills and tears.

Brian Vaughn, a favorite of Festival crowds
was a marvelous Inspector Javert. 
Brian is one of the new co-artistic directors
of the Festival.
He commanded the role
and his voice soared in 

Brian's real-life wife, Melinda Pfundstein
was a fabulous Fantine!
Caitlyn and I couldn't get over how she could sing
"I Dreamed a Dream"
with tears running down her face
and not lose any control of her powerful voice.

The children were excellent.
Young Cosette
played by Sadi Weir
had the perfect voice and accent.

And Gavroche
(one of Court's favorite characters)
played by 
Britton Jeffery Gardner
knocked my socks off!
Spot on singing and acting.

All of the principal characters were well-cast.
(The Thenardier's were
absolutely despicable 
as they should be.)

Enjolras, played by Joey DeBenedetto
 had a very cool edge to his voice.
And the entire ensemble had a powerful
and beautiful blend.

The cast was much smaller than the
London production
we saw in 2010
at the Queen's Theatre.
However, nothing was lost in this choice,
and in fact the quality was outstanding!

It was a gorgeous production
by all standards.
So blessed to be able to attend.
I will never tire of this
timeless and life-affirming story.
I was especially touched to watch
my youngest daughter be emotionally
moved throughout the show.


Mar C said...

I can't believe Fred is still directing. He directed,"Otello" thirty some years ago with the Salt Lake City Opera Company and was full of energy. I really enjoyed watching him.
I love the pictures and I think it's neat that you all got to go. Provo High is doing Les Miserable this year. Now thats going to be interesting.

Olivia Carter said...

OH it looks fantastic! So jealous!

Michaela said...

So lucky.

Cookie Doe said...

Lump in my throat...

M-Z-T said...

How fun!