Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traditional Summertime Book Group

(All lovely photos courtesy of Brenda Labit.)

I love my Book Group.
The core of us have been together about 8 years.
The last few years we have wrapped up our year on Jan's patio.
She is a wonderful host and goes all out.
Her husband Wayne always makes us his famous dark berry smoothies.
Adding to the ambiance is the lilting sounds of harp
so beautifully played by Ashley.
Always great conversation and connection.
A peaceful respite for a few hours.

 Sweet Jan, our hostess.                                                     Cheryl with Ashley on the harp.

     Me enjoying Wayne's famous smoothies.                                   From Jan's doll collection.

Colleen is one of the newest members.
She brought her little guy along.
I love the variety of generations
and the friendships that have developed.

Court holding one of Jan's floral arrangements.
She loves to gift us.
Adore this tiny teapot.

Looking forward to September's gathering.


Naysel said...

How fun!!

Olivia Carter said...

Looks like a lovely group- perfect for a summer day!