Saturday, June 2, 2012

Festive Friday on the Rooftop

 photo by Tosh Metsga

The rooftop was packed with eager fans 
of two young up and coming local bands:
Desert Noises
The Moth and the Flame.

Yet another skinny musician with moi.

Can you guess from this handsome young man's smile
which famous family he belongs to?
Talented Tyler Osmond,
youngest son of Alan and Suzanne Osmond
plays bass and sings in Desert Noises.
I'm a new fan of their music.
Fun surprise to have Tyler's older brother David
stop by our greenroom to support Tyler.
I had such a great long conversation with him.
I've admired David Osmond for years,
not only as a performer
but as a humble, genuine, giving person.
He doesn't disappoint in person. 
He's the real deal.
(Brenda, this photo is not to make you've beat me on that count.)

Court, Cammy and Coryn were great greeting the artists
at the credentials check-in table.
(Wonder who Cammy has just noticed at the door?)

Here's Court hanging out by the security detail.
Notice in the back you can see lovely Mindy Gledhill
holding her sweet baby Griffin
next to her handsome husband.
The concert was so good,
More on that next time.


Neighbor lady said...

OOOOOH. I want to have a long conversation with you about your long conversation with David!
What a great night!
(Court looks like she might seriously take someone out if they try to pass that barricade!)

Mar C said...

I hope to come to at least one of these concerts this year.
It looks like you gals have a fun job!

Olivia Carter said...

I was SO bummed I missed this- Scott took Rob to the ward Father/Son Campout so I was solo & had small children. But I will definitely have to catch the next one in July.