Sunday, May 13, 2012

Joy Cometh in the Morning

Saturday morning our family was humbled
to be able to attend the groundbreaking for
the Provo City Center Temple. 

Our family has many fond connections
to the Provo Tabernacle. For ten years
we lived just two blocks east. I have played
the piano and the magnificent organ there, 
sung a few solos, and helped with a musical.
Bill and I have sung in choirs, attended
graduations, funerals and concerts in
that magnificent building. Caitlyn and Cammy
sang in several choir concerts and Cait even
gave a talk over the pulpit at a stake
conference when she was eight years old.

Mayor John Curtis
As were so many others, we were devastated
when the Tabernacle went up in flames in
December of 2010.
And now rising from the ashes a
glorious House of the Lord
will be built. 

Mayor John Curtis, photo

"Sometimes we are so close to history we don't realize we are making it."
 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

No other structure in Provo has had such valued and varied use.

"I think it is significant that this temple will be a blessing not just to the temple-going Latter-day Saints in this community; this will be a great blessing to the entire community of Provo and the surrounding communities. This truly is a sacred place and it is filled with great history."  
Elder William R. Walker 

"You know it is historic as we celebrate the beginnings of another new temple and historic as we recognize the blessing of the rebirth of the iconic Provo Tabernacle, literally rising from the ashes of a horrible fire to become a temple of the Lord."
Elder Cecil O. Samuelson, BYU President

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Mar C said...

We were there! Gary was up front with Jenny and I was in the back with Jessie since she had to be at Provo High at 11:00 am.
I really enjoyed observing all the people and I'm sorry we missed you.
The spirit was strong and I'm glad the big air balloon finally left.