Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back on the Rooftop

Season 3 kicks of this Friday!
Two outstanding artists will fill the evening air
with their beautiful vocals.

Opening will be the soulful Ryan Innes.
If you've never heard Ryan
you are in for quite a ride!

"Not only is his skill as a vocalist impeccable, 
but his ability to express emotion is the difference
he brings to the table..."(Ashlie Lohner)

"He's got a perfect voice, and he implements
it with such intelligence into his seamlessly
written songs." (Alex Easton,
Headlining the show is the wonderful Peter Breinholt.
Peter has delighted audiences for a long time and has
a loyal fan base. 

Peter has sold out every major concert hall in Utah
for more than a decade, including Kingsbury Hall, 
Tuachan, Sundance, and Thanksgiving Point. 

His credits include many songwriting awards, 6 albums, 
(of which his first became one of the best selling, 
independently released CD's ever in the state of Utah),
performances with several symphony orchestras.

Peter has performed across the United States and
his music has spread around the world.
He weaves stories with his lyrics and magic with
his folksy, warm vocals.

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