Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthdays, Shopping and Eating on a Rooftop

My husband and I looking eager to partake at The Cheesecake Factory.

Saturday we celebrated both Coryn and Caitlyn's birthdays
by visiting the new gorgeous City Creek Center
in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.


And believe me it is one fabulous mall.
We splurged big time and ate lunch at
The Cheesecake Factory.
The menu alone is a small phone book.
The food is divine.
And Caitlyn let us know that
"The waiters are hot!"

Deseret News

There is a store for everyone.
Coryn and Caitlyn were excited about
Court and Cammy headed to
Disney Store and Deseret Book.
Bill was a sport and tagged along with me to
Papyrus.Tiffany's was not in the budget:)

It was a pleasant day and well worth the trip.

Our evening highlight was a visit to the home
of our friends Tom and Courtney Morrill.
They had lovingly planned a soiree
to celebrate Coryn's return from Paris
as well as her 24th birthday.

Coryn met Courtney in a university film class
and they became fast friends.
Courtney is a graduate of BYU's film program
and a talented screenwriter.
One of her projects, a web series called
"Dead Grandma" is making the film festival rounds.
Tom is also a film graduate and works as a producer.
One of his current projects is the excellent series
"Turning Point" which can be seen on BYUTV.

Our dinner was up on the rooftop of their apartment.
A spectacular view of the Salt Lake Valley!
We felt like we were on a movie location.

Tom and Courtney had created lovely ambiance.
Cafe lights, tissue flowers, and French music.
And Tom is a talent at the b-b-que grill.
Yummy food and fun conversation.

So nice for Coryn to connect with her dear friends again.
She had missed their wedding last May.
The Morrills jokingly offered to "recreate" the day,
dress and all:)

If you know our daughters, this photo says a lot...

Look at that view!!
And the guy in the corner:)

Such a wonderful day.
Thanks, Tom and Courtney,
for capping it off so beautifully.

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Who Is Courtney? said...

The fun and the pleasure was all ours! We loved every minute of it! So glad Coryn's back! Now, about bridging that gap between SLC and Provo. Hmmm?