Monday, March 5, 2012

Rockin' With Imagine Dragons

Court, Cammy and I spent our Saturday evening
at the lovely Velour on University Avenue.

Frontman Dan Reynolds, (photo: Michah Melville; pic. twitter)
Went to see our Rooftop Concert friends
Imagine Dragons!

Velour photo
They've gone "big time" since we last saw them
But say they will always stay true to their roots.
Outstanding sold out show.
Awesome encores.
Nice guys.

Got hugs from my friends "Hue and Hum"
the Connollys.
Caitlin, the talented artist
Robbie, the amazing guitarist for "Fictionist."
Love them.

Court and Cammy couldn't believe we were there:)

And Cammy truly enjoyed singing along
with her favorite band.
So much fun!!

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Anonymous said...

I like Cammy's hair style. She's growing into a beautiful young lady. Glad you had a good time.