Monday, March 19, 2012

My Serendipity Friend

This is my darling friend, Jan.
We have been friends for almost 19 years.
I have been asked what we could possibly have in common
given our 20 year age difference and generation gap.
Actually, quite a lot.

I first met Jan when she was cast in a play I was asked to
step in and direct.
We hit it off right away.
We are both actresses.
(In fact, I found out years later that I had seen her perform
in a professional production of "My Fair Lady" as Mrs. Higgins
before we'd met. Her performance was delightful.)

We were born in the same hospital.

Here are some of the things we both love:

The color purple, the smell of lavender, tea parties,
pretty vintage items,
thank you notes,
lilacs, bouquets of flowers, birds,
lovely broaches, beautiful music, all things Victoria,
good books, nice restaurants, holidays, laughter,
basketball (BYU and Utah Jazz),
dark chocolate.

Oh, and we both have amazing husbands
who are always serving others and
do not know how to sit still.

My day is always brighter after a Jan tea party!

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