Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Writer's Words and a Terrific Teacher

Blurry Focus Photography

Went to our beautiful local library on Tuesday
to hear 2010 Newbery Award winning author
Rebecca Stead.

Court with author Rebecca Stead

My daughter and I had some great conversation
with Rebecca last summer at the
BYU Books for Young Readers Symposium.
She is a fascinating person and a talented writer.
We were delighted when she recognized
and waved at us before the presentation.
Fun to visit with her afterwards.
Read more about Ms. Stead HERE.

Court with Mrs. Terry (right) and some of her third grade classmates.
Another treat of the evening was seeing one of Court's
favorite elementary teachers
Merilee Terry.
She had accompanied several of her current students
to the event.
Her students asked the author many excellent questions.

Mrs. Terry taught Court in 3rd,4th and 5th grade
as part of a pilot "community classroom."
She is an outstanding teacher and has received
many much-deserved honors.
Even more amazing, she has kept in touch
with many of her students for over 20+ years.

Hooray for children's book writers
and dedicated school teachers!