Thursday, February 16, 2012

Light the Fire Within: 10 years later

10 year old Caitlyn at Olympic Plaza.

Folks in our neck of the woods are fondly remembering
the 2002 Winter Olympics.
It was an amazing experience.
A coming together and a healing time for our nation
after the horror of 9/11.

13 year old Coryn playing the Chihuly Steinway in Abravanel Hall.

IOC President Jacques Rogge began a tradition
of assigning each games their own
identity and calling the
2002 Salt Lake City Games

Enjoy a retrospective of photos of those glorious events.
And read about some of the significant moments

Remember NYC Officer Daniel Rodriguez
singing a beautiful and emotional National Anthem
and afterwards being signed to a recording contract?

IOC President Jacques Rogges, President Bush,
and Olympic Leader Mitt Romney
salute the tattered flag
which flew over the World Trade Center.

President Bush with the USA Athletes.
(Talking to one of the athlete's moms on the phone.)
My husband bought me one of those coveted hats:)

Remember the "Children of Light"
skating on the ice?

And nightly performers at the Medals Plaza,
like this group called N'Sync...

Oh, and a young Josh Groban and Charlotte Church
singing a gorgeous new duet by David Foster
called, "The Prayer."

And a "scandal" that forced the presenting of
two sets of gold medals to figure skating duos.

Young New Yorker Sarah Hughes
surprised everyone by taking the gold
in figure skating.

And everyone fell in love with
speed skater Apolo Ohno.

Artist Dale Chihuly designed several
unique glass sculptures to adorn the
downtown plaza.

Oh, those mountains, blue skies
and plenty of snow.

Olympic rings lit nightly on the mountain.

The city was aglow
and for two glorious weeks
human kind came together in peace
and unity and understanding.
It was magical.


Cookie Doe said...

I had forgotten so much...great memories, great pictures.

M-Z-T said...

It's been interesting. I also went through a bunch of old pictures from that time. Like the time you took Court and I up to SLC and we took pictures by all those buffalos that they put up around town.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

I totally forgot about that! That was a fun and silly day:)

Rain Coyote said...

Haha! I totally forgot about Nsync coming. And I remember the buffalos Melissa talked about! And the JELL-O museum!