Saturday, January 28, 2012

That's a Wrap

My daughter and her friends at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

"Storytellers broaden our minds:
engage, provoke, inspire,
and ultimately, connect us."
~Robert Redford

Another Sundance Film Festival has come and gone,
People who are not interested in the film industry may ask:
"What's the big deal about Sundance?"
Well, for one thing it is a great boost for the economy of Utah.
Many do not realize how much money is brought into the state
because of this festival.
And not just during the two weeks it runs, but throughout the year.

I recall attending in the early years when it was called
the U.S. Film Festival in Salt Lake City.
Founded in 1978 by Sterling VanWagenen, John Earle and Cirina Catania.
Robert Redford was it's chairman.
In 1980 it was moved to Park City to attract more crowds.
A few years later it was named Sundance Film Festival.

Throughout the year the festival provides resources for filmmakers,
film-music composers and playwrights among others.

I like how Sarah Hall from Moviefone puts it:
"People think Sundance is about the films, and they are sort of right,
but mostly wrong. Sundance is about the experience of being with people
who are recognized for telling their own stories
and who are celebrated for the things they are most passionate about.
That's the gift of Sundance."

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M-Z-T said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundance. :s But I get to volunteer/work at it every year and it is great networking opportunities.

Glad to see it give a boost to the economy though.

Though this year there weren't a lot of stand-out films. Such a pity.