Thursday, January 12, 2012

She blew out all 27 candles..

Last night at our Book Group, my friend Ashley, our wonderful hostess,
surprised Court for her birthday.
She made a killer chocolate peanut butter cake.
Court was sincerely surprised, which made it even more fun.
And even more surprising to me:
"Most" of the ladies had a slice of the cake
despite the fact that it is a "New Year."
Ha, Ha! (Lost my bet on that one.)


scented votive candles said...

sounds like a nice party glad everyone had fun. Sorry you lost your bet.

Cookie Doe said...

And I am totally sorry I did not have a piece of that cake but I have a bet going too...It was soooo beautiful,that I had to leave the kitchen!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Cookie Doe-
When Ashley said she'd make a cake I told her "I'll bet no one will eat it because of their New Year's diets." I was wrong, but I do admire your discipline:) I can't seem to start anything until my husband's b-day(Jan 14th)is over. Then I can't use anymore excuses.