Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birds of a Feather...

Us with the Branning family (minus a few) and including
Courtney's husband, Tom.
We enjoyed a visit before Mason left on his 2 year
mission to Washington DC.

Have you ever met people where you have immediately felt a connection?
People you feel like you've known forever?
This is the case with our friends, The Brannings,
from Houston, Texas.

Our daughter, Coryn met their daughter Courtney
in a film class during their university years.
They became fast friends.
As a result we were blessed to meet Courtney's family.
Now we can't imagine life without their friendship.

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Who Is Courtney? said...

Agreed, agreed! You guys are my Utah family. Love you! What a great night! Please come visit us in Salt Lake anytime! Also, we are totally planning a little rooftop gathering for Coryn when she returns. Can't wait!