Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Happy Day!"

Rendering of new LDS Temple on Provo Tabernacle site

We are thrilled at the announcement
today by President Monson
that the Provo Tabernacle
will become a Temple.

After that session of General Conference
Court and I
drove down University Avenue
and saw the Tabernacle.
Imagine our delight to see
colorful helium-filled balloons
tied to the fences
surrounding the site.
A large hand-painted sign was attached
to the front reading:
Yes indeed.

And on the way home
above 'Y" mountain
we saw a beautiful rainbow.

We are also smiling along with our Coryn
and the members in PARIS FRANCE!


Cookie Doe said...

We are thinking alike tonight Trilby. Happy Day indeed!

Rain Coyote said...

Fraptious day, caloo calay!

M-Z-T said...

While I'm happy for the building, I'm kind of sad that what was once a building that the community could gather at won't be anymore.

But at least it is getting restored.