Monday, October 10, 2011

Below the Rooftop or It's Just As Fun on the Lower Level

Mindy Gledhill and Sarah Sample feel the spirit during "This Little Light O' Mine."

I was a doubter.
I figured the concert would be cancelled.
It had rained for two days
and was SO COLD.

Mindy (with newborn in tow) sound checks with "For the Beauty of the Earth."
"The Lower Lights" had faith
that the show would go on.
And did it ever!
Mindy contacted us that morning and said:
"We're not wimps. We're going for it!"
So my husband and I showed up and honored our commitment.
The stage was set up from 12:00-4:00.
The rain/snow mix started up again just as all was finished.
So, the team made the decision to break it down
and move it below for shelter from the storm.
No small feat.

And people came!
Even Mayor Curtis came and thanked all who had made these
concerts happen.

And then the Mayor declared the day
and presented her with a tiara to wear as
Queen of Provo.
And if you know Courtney Jane,
she loved EVERY MINUTE of the spotlight.
She was so funny and played it to the hilt.

Paul Jacobsen solos.

The Lower Lights
were everything they were hyped to be.
The best of an old-time hymn revival.

Dustin Christensen opened.
He was fabulous.
Great country/folk sound.
And such a nice guy.

And our walk-in warm-up singer
Stephanie Mabey was quirky and terrific.
Her song called "Zombies" was a hit!

Even the amazing Ryan Shupe
Showed up unannounced and played his fiddle
With the Lights.
(Court is one of his biggest fans.)

And wow!
Can that Debra Fotheringham sing!

Ryan Tanner is so fun to listen to.
He brings the soul to his music.

Such a great experience to be part of this summer.
Can't wait for next season!

And for you "Archie" fans...
One more photo from our September concert.

All photos by our official/amazing photographer
Justin Hackworth.

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VaLene Hulme said...

I am sick to my stomach that I wimped out. I just thought for sure it would be cancelled. I've learned my lesson - I should have at least tried! And Paul Jacobson - I love his voice so much. You are a trooper!