Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallows Eve Costumes 2011 Edition

Princess Mononoke, The Raggedy Doctor Who, and Kim Possible

Friday, October 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I sewed Halloween costumes.

Coryn liked storybook characters.
I'll have you know I made that wig myself:)

Caitlyn didn't care much for costumes when she was younger.
She disliked having make-up put on her face,
And she hated having her picture taken. Ha!

And Court, well...
She was always an animal of some sort.
(I believe she was a bat here...)

As they have grown up
they have gotten MUCH more clever
in their own creations
than I ever could be.

To listen to the perfect "love song"
for this Halloween season go HERE.

Sung by Stephanie Mabey
Who performed at our last
Rooftop Concert.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Don't Hurry Away...

Looked out my kitchen window this morning
and this is what greeted me.

(Click to enlarge)
Caitlyn took this gorgeous photo last week.
She captured all four seasons at once.
LOVE our mountains!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Heart of Rock and Roll...

I like all kinds of music.
I like Rock and Roll.
My girls used to tease me about a song I like to sing
by this group called "The Killers."
Today I listened to a nice
"I Am a Mormon" spot from their
lead singer Brandon Flowers.
See it HERE.

Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Plays the Thing..."

Tatiana, Queen of the Fairies
from A Midsummer Night's Dream
Welcomes us to the Festival.

To celebrate our anniversary
My husband took me to one of my favorite venues
The Utah Shakespeare Festival.

And...we got to see one of our favorite plays.
Noises Off is one of the greatest farces ever written.
We have seen it on different stages.
This production didn't disappoint.
Lots of gut laughter.

And we even got a photo together...

Greg Charles Photography

Because THIS KIND GENTLEMAN offered to take it.
You recognize him, right?

(He's one of those actors I respect for holding true to his values.)

Excited for next season.
Several more favorites!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Black Cat Returns

One morning this past week as I came outside
to pick up the morning paper,
the black cat was sitting in my flower bed.

We never see him all year.
He shows up every October.
I kid you not!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Below the Rooftop or It's Just As Fun on the Lower Level

Mindy Gledhill and Sarah Sample feel the spirit during "This Little Light O' Mine."

I was a doubter.
I figured the concert would be cancelled.
It had rained for two days
and was SO COLD.

Mindy (with newborn in tow) sound checks with "For the Beauty of the Earth."
"The Lower Lights" had faith
that the show would go on.
And did it ever!
Mindy contacted us that morning and said:
"We're not wimps. We're going for it!"
So my husband and I showed up and honored our commitment.
The stage was set up from 12:00-4:00.
The rain/snow mix started up again just as all was finished.
So, the team made the decision to break it down
and move it below for shelter from the storm.
No small feat.

And people came!
Even Mayor Curtis came and thanked all who had made these
concerts happen.

And then the Mayor declared the day
and presented her with a tiara to wear as
Queen of Provo.
And if you know Courtney Jane,
she loved EVERY MINUTE of the spotlight.
She was so funny and played it to the hilt.

Paul Jacobsen solos.

The Lower Lights
were everything they were hyped to be.
The best of an old-time hymn revival.

Dustin Christensen opened.
He was fabulous.
Great country/folk sound.
And such a nice guy.

And our walk-in warm-up singer
Stephanie Mabey was quirky and terrific.
Her song called "Zombies" was a hit!

Even the amazing Ryan Shupe
Showed up unannounced and played his fiddle
With the Lights.
(Court is one of his biggest fans.)

And wow!
Can that Debra Fotheringham sing!

Ryan Tanner is so fun to listen to.
He brings the soul to his music.

Such a great experience to be part of this summer.
Can't wait for next season!

And for you "Archie" fans...
One more photo from our September concert.

All photos by our official/amazing photographer
Justin Hackworth.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Photo Flashback

With Best Man Randy and Maid of Honor Robbie

Today we celebrate 28 years of marriage.
Happy Anniversary to my best friend!

Is this reception over yet??

I never liked my wedding photos.
I said it.
But after all these years
I think I can look back and have a good laugh.

Make sure I get a big piece.

Does it really take two
to cut a slice of cake?

The sun is too bright I can't open my eyes...

This tree is called the 'Love Tree'.
Apparently it has been there since the pioneers
built the Salt Lake Temple.
Couples wanted their photo taken by it.

I guess I liked this gnarly tree so much
I had two photos taken by it.
(Still can't open my eyes.

It was 80 degrees.
Everyone was perspiring.
Unpredictable, Awesome Autumn.

Here's to 28 wonderful years
and many more!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shiver me timbers...

A bunch o' scallywags

Our next door neighbors threw a FHE/Birthday party recently.
Pirate themed.
Done up to the hilt.
Even a "treasure scripture hunt."

Why, you ask, is my husband dressed like that?
He said he was channeling "Peter Banning"
from the movie 'Hook'.
Check it out here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Happy Day!"

Rendering of new LDS Temple on Provo Tabernacle site

We are thrilled at the announcement
today by President Monson
that the Provo Tabernacle
will become a Temple.

After that session of General Conference
Court and I
drove down University Avenue
and saw the Tabernacle.
Imagine our delight to see
colorful helium-filled balloons
tied to the fences
surrounding the site.
A large hand-painted sign was attached
to the front reading:
Yes indeed.

And on the way home
above 'Y" mountain
we saw a beautiful rainbow.

We are also smiling along with our Coryn
and the members in PARIS FRANCE!