Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Voices Only Please

BYU's Vocal Point

A few weeks ago I saw my friend Lowell in the church parking lot.
Knowing he was an alum of Vocal Point
I asked if he had recently attended their 20 year reunion.
He had.
He told me I would not want to miss this season's
"The Sing-off" on NBC.
Vocal Point had been chosen as contestants.

I have loved Vocal Point since the first time I heard them.
(One of my former high school students
was a founding member of the 1991 group.)
I have loved "The Sing-off" since it premiered.
It is a classy show with terrific, qualified judges.
This year a nice addition is 3 time Grammy winner
Sara Bareilles,
who is no stranger to acapella
having performed in a group as a student at
Vocal Point brought down the house
on the first episode.
If you missed it
watch HERE.


Anonymous said...

A shout out to our friend McKay Crockett. A Brighton High Alum and good friend of Carson's. Go Vocal Point.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

I remembered that he was Carson's friend. His lead singing was fabulous! I remember his mom and dad from many years ago in the music world:)