Monday, September 12, 2011

"They Did Not Win"

Sunday we attended the 9/11 Commemoration
hosted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
I'm so glad we went.
It was the perfect event to honor the day.
UVU President Matt Holland gave the keynote address.
Mayor Curtis also shared some emotional and personal feelings.
Reverend Dean Jackson gave a beautiful prayer
of healing and hope.

photo by Cammy
Payson High Bagpipe Band

At the conclusion of the program we left the chapel
and went outside with the police and fire departments,
listened to some words by Chaplain Linda P. Walton,
and each of us, to the strains of beautiful bagpipes,
let red, white and blue balloons float
skyward in remembrance of those lives lost.

"Property, peace and precious life were destroyed that day,
on a scale that still makes our souls mourn,
and in a way that has forever changed the way
that we travel, govern and defend ourselves.
Yet, here we are, millions upon millions of us.
We sing and pray.
We laugh and lounge.
We toil and tour and trade,
and we do so in the land still best described as
a land of freedom."
Matthew Holland
UVU President