Monday, September 26, 2011

Metaphor on a Flower


"There is something inspiring and sublime
about the little forget-me-not flower."

I loved President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's
lovely illustration of five things he would
like women to never forget.

  • You must be patient and compassionate with yourselves.
  • Some sacrifices are better than others.
  • You need not wait for a golden ticket to be happy.
  • The 'why' of the gospel of Jesus Christ will inspire and lift you.
  • Your Heavenly Father knows, loves and cherishes you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to My Favorite Season

Some of the beauties I've been enjoying on my morning walks the past few weeks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Voices Only Please

BYU's Vocal Point

A few weeks ago I saw my friend Lowell in the church parking lot.
Knowing he was an alum of Vocal Point
I asked if he had recently attended their 20 year reunion.
He had.
He told me I would not want to miss this season's
"The Sing-off" on NBC.
Vocal Point had been chosen as contestants.

I have loved Vocal Point since the first time I heard them.
(One of my former high school students
was a founding member of the 1991 group.)
I have loved "The Sing-off" since it premiered.
It is a classy show with terrific, qualified judges.
This year a nice addition is 3 time Grammy winner
Sara Bareilles,
who is no stranger to acapella
having performed in a group as a student at
Vocal Point brought down the house
on the first episode.
If you missed it
watch HERE.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Puppets on Strings

Cammy and I attended a show by
The Tanglewood Marionettes.
It was part of the BYU Arts Series.
We saw the presentation of
the Greek Legend
Perseus and Medusa.
Quite amazing when you realize
that only two puppeteers
perform the entire show.
Loved it!
(Thanks for the tickets, Court.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Budding Artist,

If you really need some scratch paper to practice on
you came to the right house.
In fact, we have 2 in-house artists who could
give you some pointers.
Next time, knock on our door.
I'm guessing you were practicing,
as the locations on the back of our fence
are not the best place for your
'competition' to view your work.

Get over the "West Side Story" already.
The Gang Task Force has been notified.
Your doodles have potential.

Monday, September 12, 2011

"They Did Not Win"

Sunday we attended the 9/11 Commemoration
hosted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
I'm so glad we went.
It was the perfect event to honor the day.
UVU President Matt Holland gave the keynote address.
Mayor Curtis also shared some emotional and personal feelings.
Reverend Dean Jackson gave a beautiful prayer
of healing and hope.

photo by Cammy
Payson High Bagpipe Band

At the conclusion of the program we left the chapel
and went outside with the police and fire departments,
listened to some words by Chaplain Linda P. Walton,
and each of us, to the strains of beautiful bagpipes,
let red, white and blue balloons float
skyward in remembrance of those lives lost.

"Property, peace and precious life were destroyed that day,
on a scale that still makes our souls mourn,
and in a way that has forever changed the way
that we travel, govern and defend ourselves.
Yet, here we are, millions upon millions of us.
We sing and pray.
We laugh and lounge.
We toil and tour and trade,
and we do so in the land still best described as
a land of freedom."
Matthew Holland
UVU President

Saturday, September 10, 2011
President Thomas S. Monson was invited to post
on the Washington Post's Blog,
"On Faith."

Click here to read his thoughts on 9/11.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Forgot my camera...darn!

All photos Justin Hackworth
Imagine Dragons
frontman, Dan, crowd surfing at end of concert

I guess you will all be relieved to not have to see
another photo of me with a another random musician.
But, darn it!
I wish I'd had my camera last night.
So many awesome photo ops...

Imagine Dragons were amazing!
And they were very nice, especially lead singer Dan.
At the end of the night he gave me a big bear hug
and thanked me for all the hard work
and the beautiful greenroom.
It was nice to meet several of the band's
parents who had flown in for the show.
The band is now relocating to LA.
This band who started just a few years ago
at BYU and played shows at Velour
will be big!
Mark my word.

CJane w/ David Archuleta backstage. That is the shadow of my head in David's armpit. Really.

This is one of the reasons I was sad not to have my camera.
I mean, who doesn't want a photo with
adorable David Archuleta?

I had just brought the band on deck and was standing
stage left by the police barricades
when I felt a shoulder next to mine.
I turned my head and there was David.
I was caught of guard but managed to compose myself and say:
"Hi David. Did you have a night off to hang with
us here in Provo?"
He said:
"Yeah, I came to support my friend Dan from
Imagine Dragons."
We talked a little and then CJane came off stage
and Mindy Gledhill introduced David
and CJane grabbed Justin (our photographer) and said:
"I want a picture with David. Find me some light."
So I asked the security guard to let David through and we
found a light spot and the shot was taken quickly.
David was understandably anxious to get back to his friends
in the crowd, but gracious none-the-less.

Fun night, perfect weather and a crowd of almost 4000!
Read more HERE.