Thursday, August 4, 2011

110° in the Shade... But There was Plenty of Water

Can't beat the beauty of those Southern Utah Red Rocks!

Who in their right mind leaves 90 degree weather
to vacation in 110 degree weather?

Actually we took a quick, much needed get-away last week.

And my family indulged my love of musical theatre.
Tuachan's fabulous production of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
was everything it was hyped to be.
Can I just say that we were "under the sea" almost literally.
The way Tuachan incorporates water into their shows
is nothing short of amazing!
"Broadway in the Desert" for sure.

Didn't care to see this show.
But couldn't resist an instant makeover:)

And we just had to stop at the filming location of
"High School Musical 2."

*This is the typical shot I get when I ask for a photo.
Court or Cammy either pull some silly face
or look off into the distance.
Caitlyn poses.
I usually have to take several shots.

With apologies to Brother Brigham.

We always look forward to visiting the glorious
St. George Temple.
Cammy and Court's favorite temple.
It was overcast and the skies were so pretty.

The greenery was lovely as always.
There were several families walking the grounds.
The girls were great to offer to take family photos for them.

Since Cammy was a little girl
she has always called these
The Pineapple Trees.

St. George, we love you!
We'll visit again.
Perhaps in the winter?
And next time we'll make sure that
my dear Aunt and Uncle are not out of town
enjoying cooler weather in Seattle:)


Michaela said...

seems like fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Caitlyn said...

Soooo fun!