Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Climbing the Rooftop Again...if my knees hold out

Las Vegas based band
Imagine Dragons
Who got their start at BYU
Will be our headliner Friday.

To read more about the three bands
performing at the concert
and hear some of their music click

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steadfast Friends

Trey, his wife Ann, me, Robbie

Saturday we drove to the beautiful Heber Valley to reunite with longtime friends.
The morning started with a 35 mile bike ride
(not including me...ha, ha!)
followed by a lovely catered picnic.
It was a celebration of sorts.
20 years ago, at age 31, my friend Trey was hit by a narcoleptic driver while riding his bike
in Wichita, Kansas.
It is miraculous he lived.
He was in the hospital for 6 months.
It turned the world upside down for his wife and two little boys.
After numerous surgeries and constant pain
he was back competing and doing all the things he loves.
He is literally "Ironman"
with a rod in his spine and metal throughout his body.
He and his wife have competed in triathlons,
Ironman competitions and are avid skiers and bikers.
His wife, Ann has also had more than her share of health challenges,
yet these two continue to lift others
and live life without complaint.

If you're curoius about how all 4 of us are connected,
Read on.
It's a good story:)

I met Trey and Robbie at BYU.
We lived in the same apartment complex.
Robbie became my roommate, best friend and life of the party.
Trey was our family brother and became another best friend.
We spent a lot of time together.
While at BYU Trey was baptized a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I sang at his baptism.
Fast forward a year.

Robbie, Trey and I all received mission calls on the same day.
Robbie to Honduras, Trey to Taiwan, and me to Houston, Texas.
We even had a joint "mission farewell."
We all entered the Missionary Training Center on the same day.

On that first day at the MTC, I ran into Ann.

I had gotten to know Ann the summer before when I had served as her Visiting Teacher.
Later, we were no longer in the same ward and lost track of each other.
Imagine my surprise to learn Ann was also going to the same mission as me!!

Trey, Robbie and I would try to meet each day at lunch in the cafeteria.
One day Trey saw us talking to Ann and later asked if
Robbie and I would introduce him to her.
She had caught his eye.
So we did.
Long story short:

Ann and I became mission companions in Houston.
I encouraged both of them to write to each other.
Even when Ann hesitated, not knowing if she should
(she knew he had a girl "waiting" for him)
I pushed a bit.
And they wrote.

Later they were married in the Salt Lake Temple.
I was Ann's maid of honor.
Our three families have stayed connected over 30 years.
Eternal friendships.
The best.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seriously. How Does Someone Kill Zucchini?

No. I'm not asking how to kill zucchini.
I'm asking why for the past two years my plants have not produced?
I thought zucchini was the plant that everyone could grow.
I actually like zucchini:)
I don't sneak them onto my neighbor's porch in the middle of the night.
My plants looked good.
Produced yellow blooms.
Started to form the beginnings of the zucchini.
And then poof!
It disappeared.
Please bring me your extra zucchini:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mother Time

"I love you with all my heart,
but not all my time."

~Emma Lou Thayne
a pledge to her children

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm a "real" fan now...

Ten years ago my friend and neighbor Suzie T. gifted me with a CD.
She said, "I think you are really going to appreciate this young man's voice."
I was surprised at the depth of his sound and quality at just 20 years old!
I became a fan and have enjoyed all of his albums.

Fast forward 10 years.
My daughter treated me to his "Straight to You" Concert.
Awesome seats, Court!
Thank you!!

Photo by Court

Imagine our surprise when Josh entered the arena
from the portal right next to us!
There were two stages
And he performed right in front of us.
He was warm, funny, gracious, energetic.
And to hear him LIVE was an out of body experience.
If I "loved" him before,
I LOVE him now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bicycling the Beehive State

photo by Cammy

Found a shady spot under a tree
and watched some amazing
race on by.
It may not have been
Tour de France
but it was
Tour de Utah

and it was cool to see.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London is Burning

This building in Tottenham District of North London
stood through the bombings of World War II.
Taken down by rioters in 2011.

"This melancholy London-
I sometimes imagine that the
souls of the lost

are compelled to walk through its
streets perpetually.
One feels them passing
like a whiff of air."

William Butler Yates

Thursday, August 4, 2011

110° in the Shade... But There was Plenty of Water

Can't beat the beauty of those Southern Utah Red Rocks!

Who in their right mind leaves 90 degree weather
to vacation in 110 degree weather?

Actually we took a quick, much needed get-away last week.

And my family indulged my love of musical theatre.
Tuachan's fabulous production of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
was everything it was hyped to be.
Can I just say that we were "under the sea" almost literally.
The way Tuachan incorporates water into their shows
is nothing short of amazing!
"Broadway in the Desert" for sure.

Didn't care to see this show.
But couldn't resist an instant makeover:)

And we just had to stop at the filming location of
"High School Musical 2."

*This is the typical shot I get when I ask for a photo.
Court or Cammy either pull some silly face
or look off into the distance.
Caitlyn poses.
I usually have to take several shots.

With apologies to Brother Brigham.

We always look forward to visiting the glorious
St. George Temple.
Cammy and Court's favorite temple.
It was overcast and the skies were so pretty.

The greenery was lovely as always.
There were several families walking the grounds.
The girls were great to offer to take family photos for them.

Since Cammy was a little girl
she has always called these
The Pineapple Trees.

St. George, we love you!
We'll visit again.
Perhaps in the winter?
And next time we'll make sure that
my dear Aunt and Uncle are not out of town
enjoying cooler weather in Seattle:)