Friday, July 8, 2011

One of these things is not like the other...

Caitlin Connelly (wife of Robbie of "Fictionist"), Cjane, me,
and Justin Hackworth (caught off guard).

So, Courtney Jane sent me this photo today.
(Trevor captured this moment.)
Stage left jamming to the strains of
"Hey Jude" on the Rooftop.
Our main photographer, Justin Hackworth,
happened to be caught in front of the camera this time.

Justin is an amazing artist behind the camera.
His annual exhibit:
30 Strangers
Portraits of Mothers & Daughters
June 30-August 1st
Harold B. Lee Library Auditorium Gallery
Read the details HERE

*Justin does this project to benefit the
Women and Children's Justice Center.

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Rain Coyote said...

Haha! This picture is Hilarious! With a capital H!