Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Trippin'

Cammy and her artistic mug at Color Me Mine.

This summer Cammy and I are doing our traditional "Day Trips."
Each week we choose a day to spend together visiting a fun place.
One of the advantages of being the youngest child at home.
Our list includes: Picnic at Botany Pond, Dollar Movies, Color Me Mine, Thanksgiving Point, Gardner Village, Springville Art Museum, Birkenstaffs Toy Emporium, IKEA'S, and The Living Aquarium.
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Wish summer didn't have to end so soon...


VaLene Hulme said...

What an organized, clever, fun person you are! If you two ever want tag-a-long friends, call us!

Mason said...

I wanna go! No Fair!

Courtney said...

I'm with Mason! These sound like the best!