Monday, July 18, 2011

Awesome Authors/Artists and Beautiful Books!

Court with author Rebecca Stead,
winner of the 2010 Newbery Medal for
"When You Reach Me."
The Newbery Award is the most prestigious
honor given in Children's Literature.
We loved our conversation with Rebecca.
She loved Provo and plans to return next February
To speak at the Provo Library.
We loved her book also.

Where did we meet Rebecca?
We attended the annual BYU Symposium on Books for Young Readers.
This is a much anticipated annual tradition in our family.
I have attended for 20 years.
Both for pleasure and to earn contact hours for my teaching certificate.
Since my girls were quite young they have taken turns attending with me.

This is David Wiesner.
He has won the Caldecott Medal 3 times.
It is the highest honor for illustration in Children's Literature.

He autographed this book for Cammy.
She was born on June 29, 1999.
He said he had signed several "birthday" books over the years,
But this was the first for the actual birth date and year.
Very cool!!

This is Gennady Spirin.
He looks like Santa Claus.
He was born on December 25th!
He is an exquisite artist!
Born and raised in Russia, he came to the USA
With his wife and three sons 20 years ago at the invitation
Of a book publisher.
He has illustrated many books.
Though he can speak English, he was nervous and had his son
Translate for him.
He was delightful.
His family are now US citizens.

Court gave me this beautiful book for Mother's Day.
I love this story.
Mr. Spirin personalized it for me.
His penmanship is gorgeous.

This is Mary Downing Hahn.
She writes historical fiction
And ghost stories.
She is fascinating to listen to.
I liked her.
She also has beautiful penmanship.

Court read this book in 5th grade.
She said to Ms. Hahn:
"This book terrified me when I was a kid."
She looked at Court, smiled, and said:


Rain Coyote said...

Mary then went on to sign my book in her beautiful handwriting: "I'm so glad you were scared of Helen!"

I loved meeting all of these people. And reading their books. I'm a bookaholic.

Cookie Doe said...

I can't wait for Courtney to move across the country so I can go with you again... Just kidding Court, you lucky girl- what an awesome experience. Thanks for the book list. We have already checked some out!

Gentry Gang said...

I wish at times I lived in Provo, for the rooftop concert series and fun happenings at the Y. I'm just stopping by your blog by way of other blogs and I noticed a comment you made about President Kimball saying Les Miserables was the 2nd greatest book ever written. Do you know the reference for that quote? It would go well with a lesson I am preparing. My email is bcgentry at juno dot com. Thanks so much in advance and maybe one day you will see me at a rooftop concert. :) Cynthia

Courtney said...

What fun!! Just so you know, I read "Wait Till Helen Comes" in about 7th grade and it terrified me, too! That's exactly what keeps you reading, I think. I think we read what scares us. Although, I guess I read what makes me comfortable, too. :)