Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh, What a Friday!

Meaghan Smith indulging me with a photo for Coryn who first introduced us to Meaghan's music a few years back. Meaghan thought it was so wonderful that Coryn was serving a mission in Paris ("Oh, I LOVE Paris!") and has such admiration for missionaries.

Another awesome Rooftop Concert has come and gone!
And the darling and amazing Meaghan Smith
won over the hearts of all in attendance.
Wow...can that girl put on a show!
Such a gorgeous voice.
I got to spend a lot of time with her.
She is so kind, humble and genuine.

Mindy Gledhill chilling with Cammy in the Greenroom.

The fabulous Mindy Gledhill opened the show.
Cammy is a huge fan and Mindy was so sweet
to spend some time talking with her.
She signed Cammy's CD which has played
non-stop in our house for a long time.

I got to introduce our terrific Mayor Curtis to the headliners.
I took these photos for him.
Doesn't he look "starstruck'?

Mindy is 8 months pregnant and this is her last concert before she "nests."

This was my view of the stage.
Right next to it with a water bottle at the ready.

Our talented photographer for the evening, Trevor Christensen captured
this sweet shot of Meaghan looking at her handsome husband and guitarist.
See more of Trevor's amazing concert shots HERE.

I love this candid shot because all you can see of me is my
hair and arm
hiding behind singer/songwriter Sam Payne with Meaghan in the back
taking a photo of the crowd.
That's Courtney ( who hosts the concerts
talking with the super-talented Kendra Lowe
(who tours with David Archuleta, is David Osmond's music arranger, talent coordinator for Stadium of Fire, and seasoned all-around performer. She played keyboards for Meaghan.)

To see another photo I took go HERE.
And go HERE to read Mindy's take on the night.
*Next post I'll share some photos of the Greenroom


Anonymous said...

I talked Julie into going with me. We had a wonderful time but had to leave around 9:45 so we could get up early the next morning. Stayed long enough to enjoy great music and watch you and your girl's help with the concert. It was to crowded to find our way up front to say hi but it reminded me of the free outdoor concert's New York City has in the summer time at Central Park.
Very enjoyable!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

I'm so glad you came. And it was a good concert for the younger set, I think. We got fortunate with the weather:)

VaLene Hulme said...

I am so, so, so, so, so, sad I had to miss it. I'll bet it was fabulous. Next time.....