Monday, May 9, 2011

Boys in the Band

photo credit: emily downey
Robbie, Aaron, Stuart, Jacob and Brandon are Fictionist.

Hung out with these guys Friday night.
I was their green room manager for the Rooftop Concert Series.
Court was my awesome assistant.
And can these Mormon boys rock the roof!
One of the best LIVE bands I've ever heard.
All are excellent musicians.
And so very nice, polite and grateful.

city weekly

I had a few "moments" with front man Stuart Maxfield.
When I told him I was looking forward to hearing "Treasure These Moments,"
He started to sing it to me with his guitar right there on the couch in the green room.
He told me that he'd heard that I was a vocal coach and asked if I'd help him with some vocal warm-ups. Perhaps teach him some he didn't know.
(He has a great voice and amazing power belt.)
So, I made him do my "classic" lie on your back sirens.
He loved it and said it made him feel his voice throughout his body.
His wife was totally getting a kick out of the whole thing.
Loads of fun for me.
He told me he trained as a violinist and was in orchestra at BYU and studied jazz.
We talked about our love of the arts.
He said the arts saved him.

A cool montage from the concert by my new friend, Justin Hackworth, photographer extraordinaire.

We started set up for the concert early in the morning. My husband was wonderful as always and took the morning off to help me string cafe lights and put up A-frames around the concert block and do food runs to prepare the green room for the bands. (Paul Jacobson and the Madison Arm were the opener and were terrific.)
The whole event was a blast.
I felt like I was 22 years old again.
My husband said it was fun to see me once again "in my element" :)
The next morning when I tried to get out of bed I felt like I was 82 years old.
But I'll do it all again next month!


Cookie Doe said...

Wow Trilby! How awesome. I am going to have to check these guys out...
( I miss those "lie on your back sirens.")

Rain Coyote said...

That was a fun concert. Those blokes were nice and rocked hard. Especially when they sang ZEPPELIN.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad we missed them. Robert and I were in St. George for an art show.

M-Z-T said...

Lovely! If you need help, let me know!

Courtney said...

I think that these are my favorite stories ever! And I think this is one of my favorite blog entries ever! I am going to bookmark it. :)