Sunday, May 29, 2011


Court has never like having long hair.
In fact the last time she could wear a ponytail was in 2nd grade.
Then she insisted on having her hair cut short and it remained so.
When she returned from her LDS mission she started to grow her hair.
We were surprised, but didn't question her.
After a few years of wearing it long and usually in a ponytail,
She went and cut if all off...
for Locks of Love.
That's my girl!

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Elementary, my dear..."

6th Grade Graduation
Today was a bit bittersweet for Bill and I.
It marked the end of having a child in elementary school.
We've sat through this program 4 times now.
It was even the same music for the slide show
we heard 14 years ago:)

Cammy's awesome 6th grade teacher
Mrs. B!
She was one of MY 7th grade students
about 25 years ago.
How time flies!

Cammy's group of fun friends.

Dad manned the refreshment table.
"Take only one cookie, please."

My baby's moving on to the next adventure!

Cammy with her friend, Milly.

And her friend, Claire.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Singing on the Rooftop

The adorable Meaghan Smith will be singing at the Rooftop Concert Series
June 3rd, 8:00 p.m. at Provo Town Square.
It's FREE!
She recently won some awards for her recordings.
In March she was presented with the JUNO
which is the equivalent of the Grammy in Canada.
I would describe her music as an updated take on the
lovely songs of the 1920-1940's era.
We are lucky to have her this season.
Did I mention it's FREE?

Mormon Times did a feature:

Read the article here

She also wrote a song in honor of the Rooftop Series.

Watch it on Mindy's Blog Here

Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is one of my favorite songs on Mindy Gledhill's new CD.
I tear up every time I listen.
I think it is because after being a mom for many years,
I know how fast the time flies.

*I love this "live" acoustic version
featuring talented guitarist , vocalist,
and very nice guy
Robbie Connolly

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Piece of Paris

Soeurs Gifford and Clark with Coryn's sisters.

We enjoyed a visit from these lovelies this week.
Soeur Gifford was Coryn's trainer when she arrived on her mission in Paris.
Soeur Clark was her apartment roommate for two transfers.
I was so impressed with these two young ladies.
They blessed Coryn's life and she theirs.
And now they are on to new adventures.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Even Donny Likes These Guys

Donny on the cover of Rolling Stone
35 years ago.

photo: Mayor Curtis' Blog
Donny talking with Fictionist
at Sammy's.
(great milk shakes, by the way.)

Cast your vote before midnight!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Images from the Rooftop

For those who missed this concert.
Lovely photos from
Justin Hackworth.

*See the bright neon green signs?
Courtesy of Court.

Paul Jacobson and the Madison Arm.
Great opener.
Funny guy!

My new favorite band.

Courtney Jane.
The MC.
Love that Gal!

Mayor Curtis
Giving away a Fictionist CD.
Very Cool.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Boys in the Band

photo credit: emily downey
Robbie, Aaron, Stuart, Jacob and Brandon are Fictionist.

Hung out with these guys Friday night.
I was their green room manager for the Rooftop Concert Series.
Court was my awesome assistant.
And can these Mormon boys rock the roof!
One of the best LIVE bands I've ever heard.
All are excellent musicians.
And so very nice, polite and grateful.

city weekly

I had a few "moments" with front man Stuart Maxfield.
When I told him I was looking forward to hearing "Treasure These Moments,"
He started to sing it to me with his guitar right there on the couch in the green room.
He told me that he'd heard that I was a vocal coach and asked if I'd help him with some vocal warm-ups. Perhaps teach him some he didn't know.
(He has a great voice and amazing power belt.)
So, I made him do my "classic" lie on your back sirens.
He loved it and said it made him feel his voice throughout his body.
His wife was totally getting a kick out of the whole thing.
Loads of fun for me.
He told me he trained as a violinist and was in orchestra at BYU and studied jazz.
We talked about our love of the arts.
He said the arts saved him.

A cool montage from the concert by my new friend, Justin Hackworth, photographer extraordinaire.

We started set up for the concert early in the morning. My husband was wonderful as always and took the morning off to help me string cafe lights and put up A-frames around the concert block and do food runs to prepare the green room for the bands. (Paul Jacobson and the Madison Arm were the opener and were terrific.)
The whole event was a blast.
I felt like I was 22 years old again.
My husband said it was fun to see me once again "in my element" :)
The next morning when I tried to get out of bed I felt like I was 82 years old.
But I'll do it all again next month!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derby Days

Horses loved me or my hair smelled nice.

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend.
It is often referred to as "the greatest two minutes in sports."
If you watch,
Don't leave the room or you'll miss it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Governor, An Award and An Ugly Dress...

Court would want to veto this photo on my blog, but as her mother I can override that decision.

When Court was in 6th grade she entered a national art contest for Hallmark Cards.
It was a contest to design a Mother's Day card.
The national winner's card would be published.
Out of thousands of entries per state, Court's card was selected for our state.
Her card was darling. A mother kangaroo with her joey in her pouch giving her a hug.

Each of the 51 winners were on display for a month at the Empire State Building in NY.
Court was featured in the newspaper, mentioned in Family Circle magazine, won a set of World Atlas Books and a dinner for our whole family was thrown at a local restaurant with a huge banner honoring her complete with a cake and balloons. All very festive.

Then she received a call from the Governor's office.
"The Governor would like to invite your family to come to his office so he can meet you and congratulate you on your talent."

So on the appointed day our entire family dressed up and headed to the State Capitol.
As it had just been Easter I had the girls wear their new dresses which I had so painstakingly sewn. Yes, I was one of those mothers who tried to be domestic and clever and made matching dresses each year for my little darlings.
(My younger daughters will be so relieved to know that our family photo with the Governor turned out blurry and will not be posted. But, yes, one daughter had green butterfly fabric and the other pink.)
No wonder she hates dresses to this very day.
That was the last time I made matching dresses.

Oh, and Governor Leavitt was so warm and personable. He gave us a tour of his office and also Lt. Gov. Olene Walker's office. He presented Court with some memorabilia and took time to talk with her about her art work. He praised her card and asked if he could sign it. He told her to keep developing and sharing her talents with others.

Despite the dresses, it was a fun day.

Happy Half Century!

Happy 5oth Birthday to my "little" brother Matt!
Ha, Ha! I got there before you:)

P.S. And a Happy Birthday to my lovely sis-in-law, Kathy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011