Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Les Miz after 25 years

Coryn in front of The Queen's Theatre in London

Last evening we attended Orem High School's excellent production of "Les Miserable." Braden, a former student of mine was in the cast.
The show had been sold out for two months.
(I have a soft spot for OHS as I did my student teaching there.
In fact, Braden's mom was one of my students.)
Orem High has an outstanding theatre program whose quality has stayed consistent for over 30 years.
This show did not disappoint.
It was performed beautifully.

Coryn with the amazing Norm Crosby who played the role of Javert in the 25th Anniversary cast in London.

Last month PBS was showing the 25th Anniversary Concert performance of
"Les Miserable" in London.
Court and I were so excited to see that many of the main players were from the cast we saw last summer at the Queen's Theatre.
Producer Cameron Macintosh had hand-picked the cast.
Stunning performances.

Photo by Coryn. Nick Jonas at the stage door after his performance as Marius. Cute guy and great hair! The dude on the right was his scary bodyguard. He told us in no uncertain terms that if we didn't stand back he would not bring Nick out to meet us. The girl he is looking at pushed right in front of us. How rude!

And the British critics didn't give Mr. Jonas much credit. (Well, he is an American after all). But the kid can sing legit.
He did a great job.
Many aren't aware that
The Jonas Brothers exist because of Nick.
He started out as a child performer on Broadway.
That is where he was discovered.
(And, oh yes, he happened to have two older brothers who could perhaps
be in a band with him...)

If you have never seen "Les Miserable" staged. I highly recommend it. (Whenever the Broadway tour comes to the Capital Theatre in SLC it sells out in minutes.) It is one of the greatest stories ever told and one of the greatest musicals ever written. It is still running after 25 years. It will change you. The LDS Prophet Spencer W. Kimball called it the greatest book ever written next to the scriptures. Agreed.


Cookie Doe said...

And as far as I am concerned the greatest song ever-"Bring Him Home"-thanks for taking Michaela!

Rain Coyote said...

Les Mis is my favorite and my best.

Caitlyn said...

Nick J is CUTEEE.
p.s. my verification word is Fantedne (that's pretty close to fantine... creeeepy) haha