Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Missionaries-To-Be...30 Years Ago

Me, Trey and Robbie outside the Raintree Recreation Hall before our Openhouse.

This very week 30 years ago, I had my "missionary farewell." Well, actually me, along with two of my best friends had OUR farewell meeting in our BYU ward. My roommate and BFF, Robbie and our "FHE" brother and close friend, Trey all received our mission calls on the same day. (Trey had been baptized a member of the Church just a year before.) Robbie was called to serve in Honduras, Trey in Taiwan and I was called to Texas. Having been away from home for 4 years I chose to have my "farewell" from my BYU ward. So we all decided to share a joint meeting. Very cool and very memorable.

After finals and going our separate ways (me to go home and have my wisdom teeth out), all three of us entered the MTC on the same day a month later. It was very comforting for me to see their smiling faces every day in the halls or at the cafeteria. As I wasn't learning a language my MTC stay was only 3 weeks and Robbie and Trey stayed 2 months. We stayed in touch during our missions and after, attended each others weddings, watched each others children grow up, go on missions, marry, and we have remained close friends all of these years. 30 years went by so fast!