Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seeing Seattle

I got to spend time in this beautiful city this past week. My husband had to attend a conference for the University and I got to tag along. I spent my days walking and exploring.

I enjoyed meeting the "Lavender Lady" at Pike Place Market. Her fresh lavender smelled heavenly and I had to purchase some of her handmade lavender oil soaps.

We stayed up the street from this gorgeous mall. It filled a few blocks of street. I walked all the levels and had fun window shopping.

Of course we had to visit the famous Pike Place Market. I couldn't believe how huge the fresh fish were. And so many different varieties for sale. The unique shops were fun to check out. The produce and flowers were so pretty.

While visiting the wharf we had to have some fish and chips. Mine were cod. YUM!
In fact, we tried several fish dishes during our stay.
My favorite was Lobster Bisque.
We didn't make it to all the tourist attractions, but that gives us an excuse to return!


Rain Coyote said...

Lucky! Looks like fun. I'm sad you didn't get to see the fish people throwing fish, but I'm glad you got to see the Lavender Lady. Actually, I always thought of YOU as the lavender lady. Oh my gosh, remember lavender ice cream? Yum.

Anonymous said...

Seattle, you were right in Luke's territory! May 30th he gets home!Carson loves Seattle, I'm glad you had fun.

Caitlyn said...

I'm glad you had fun in Seattle! :)

M-Z-T said...

Yay for Seattle! The city is fun!