Friday, February 25, 2011

Jimmer Jammer

Went to see the team live! Watched them beat Colorado State. Watched Jimmer make 34 points despite an injury (deep contusion in his left calf) and a supposed "off" night for him. Loved the excitement. Loved the energy.
Loved being there as a family.
(Though we missed Coryn.)

Loved that Cammy had an absolute blast at her first BYU Basketball game and that she wanted to do it again!



Rain Coyote said...

"Weeeellll, obviously we have a Jimmer. Here at the Marriot."

that was a fun game. Thanks for taking us!

M-Z-T said...

Yay! Love going to BYU games.

Caitlyn said...

WOO! I love BYU basketball. This was so fun!