Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do Not Miss This

If you live close enough to get to the BYU Museum of Art you need to put this on your "to-do list."

Our family attended at Christmas time and it was a lovely and moving experience.

A friend of ours (one of my former young women and our babysitter) is a curator at the Museum. When I ran into her well over a year ago she and her sister were preparing a dream trip back to Denmark and Finland where they had lived as children. Part of the trip was to be the business of securing the acquisitions of alter paintings of Carl Bloch to anchor this exhibit. I was excited to learn of this as so many of Bloch's paintings were a part of my childhood memories. I grew up loving these images and associating them with the Life of Jesus.

If you appreciate masterful art and beautiful depictions of our Savior's life you will want to see this. There is nothing like seeing the original paintings. (There are also a variety of secular paintings from his collection.)

Time is running out and it closes on May 7th.

You must obtain free tickets (which are going fast) to attend. Click here for information: Carl Bloch Exhibit.


Cookie Doe said...

Thanks for the link Trilby- I just got our tickets. I can't wait.

Rain Coyote said...

It was amazing, I need to go again and use the ipad. I love the angel picture.

Anonymous said...

We went during the holidays as well. Gary's dad let us push him around in a wheel chair. I can't wait to go again only this time I'm renting the $3.00 Ipod and taking a bunch of ladies from the neighborhood. I thought I had all the time in the world so I better check out the ticket info. Thanks for the reminder.