Friday, January 21, 2011

Would I Have Auditioned for American Idol 35 Years Ago??

Yes, that's me. What the heck am I wearing? Well...Gauchos and vests were in style. So were boots. This was the ABBA era mind you! (Look: I'm actually wearing RED.)
AI started this week. I didn't get a chance to see any episodes. The jury in my head is still out as to whether or not I want to get involved again. I didn't watch last year. I will admit in past seasons it was a fun guilty pleasure for me. In fact I got very invested early in the run. I certainly enjoy the talent aspect. I realize the judges are merely sitting at that table for entertainment purposes. Steve Tyler is just plain loopy. Jennifer Lopez seems to be the nice, compassionate one this time around. Randy is...well Randy. We'll see how I feel next week. Perhaps I'll wait till the top ten is in place.
*SHOUT OUT TO MY FRIEND, MARCI: If my memory is right, you are not in this photo because you were off in NYC on your Nanny Adventure:)


Anonymous said...

You are probably right.
I went to Lagoon for the first time in about eight years last fall. There is a big covered stage at the same spot your are singing with the band, "Westover".
Oh, to be young again.
Good luck with American Idol.

VaLene Hulme said...

You didn't answer your own question. Would you have auditioned? That's a darn cute photo. Where were you? I'm still debating whether I'll catch the AI bug this season.

Camdoozer said...

You should sell CDs of your awesome voice! -tackle hugs-

Caitlyn said...

AI stinks. You are cute in your little rock band!