Monday, November 8, 2010

Yes...I Did Wear a Costume...Sort of...

Every Halloween my girls declare me a "party poop" when I don't put on a costume. My usual is a black ensemble and a traditional orange lapel button which reads: "Please don't scream I always look like this." I think my aversion to costumes is because I wore many in my former life:) Well, this year I decided to shake things up and tried to be a bit festive.

Court always creates something unusual. This year she was Totoro, a character from one of our favorite Miyazaki animations.

Caitlyn dressed as Shawn White, Olympic Snowboarding Gold-Medalist. You know the red-headed dude. She had a blast celebrating with her roommates and student ward.

And Cammy took the simple route this year by donning one of her sister's graduation gowns.

*We assume that Coryn dressed like a missionary. We're still waiting for photos:)

Our dad took Cammy trick-or-treating only to be drenched by a 'slurpee' dumped from the sky (mixed with wild winds) after only 15 minutes into their walk. What a good sport!


VaLene Hulme said...

I love it Trilby! Even your eyes look purple.

Caitlyn said...

I love Halloween! That's funny Cammy was a Grad! & you look great! :)

Anonymous said...

I to dressed up for the first time in a looong time. Only I can't even figure out how to send my photo's.
Halloween's the greatest!

Cookie Doe said...

Love the Halloween costuming that goes on down your way!!!!