Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JAZZ in the Treble Clef

Paul Milsap shooting over Labron James and Chris Bosh in the JAZZ victory over the Miami HEAT Tuesday night.

I just had to post about my beloved team with the musical note on their jerseys. (If Coryn were home she would most definitely be blogging about the Utah JAZZ. )

Tuesday evening after teaching my last vocal student I ran into check the score of the game and saw that the JAZZ were behind 22 points. My husband said: "Miami is going to be pretty hard to beat this year." Since I was already late for our Young Women Activity (a panel of young 'Stripling Warriors', which was very nice), I rushed over to the church. After the closing prayer I hurried home to help Cammy with her homework. I turned on the TV to see if by some miracle the Jazz had made the score closer or to see how badly bruised they might be. OH MY HECK!! They were tied and had just started into overtime. It was so amazing to watch them beat the Miami Heat. And even more exciting to see the shocked faces of "King" Labron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Can't be beaten? Ha!!

They totally rocked!! Paul Milsap scored an unbelievable 46 points. Three 3-pointers within a minute! (I think he's only had two 3-pointers in his entire career!) Deron Williams had even fouled out. Their teamwork was so tight. Loved it! No star egos here. And they did it again tonight beating the very hot-shooting Orlando Magic. Both of these games were in those team's arenas. AWESOME! I hope they can keep it going.

Did I mention I love the JAZZ? Been a fan for over 30 years:)


Rain Coyote said...

Yay the Jazz! Boo Lebron! (such a boob)

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They Were Awesome!

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