Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dan the Man

The girls with Dan, two years ago, after his CD Release Concert in SLC.

I've blogged about our friend, Daniel Beck before, but after hearing him sing again live I had to mention him again. Not only does he have a glorious voice, but he is a genuinely great guy. If you don't own his CD, you should.
Go HERE to find out more.

A producer heard Dan's CD this past year and contacted him about being part of a new classical crossover/pop trio. Their CD was released internationally this month and on November 9th will be available in the USA. They are hoping everyone will purchase it on that day so they can chart on Billboard. Their sound is beautiful. Go HERE for info.


Anonymous said...

I like Courtney's hair style.
I didn't listen to Daniel Beck's CD that you gave me two years ago because I thought he was trying to be like Josh Groban. Recently I listened again and again and again, and thought how stupid of me.
Great Talent!

Rain Coyote said...

DAN! The MAN! He's hilarious, especially doing his own voiceover.

Michaela Labit said...

cool! Same day as Christina Perri's CD.