Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He's All Grown Up!

Cammy and Caitlyn with Spencer.

This past weekend our family attended our friend, Daniel Beck's Concert at the SCERA. It was awesome! He is awesome! He has one of the most FLAWLESS voices I've ever heard. Period. Anyway, more about Dan in my next post.

During the concert Dan announced a special appearance by Spencer Forsey. (If you are not familiar with Liken the Scriptures, you should be.) In the episode: One Smooth Stone, Spencer plays a young David to Thurl Bailey's Goliath. (Dan was King Saul.) In the film Dan and Spencer sing one of the most beautiful duets entitled, I Used to Be Like You. In fact, it is actually my favorite. This song is often requested when Dan performs and he has often had someone fill in for Spencer. This time, however, he was available. (Last year he completed an LDS mission in Boston.) What a treat to hear them sing together again. *On a personal note: Spencer's dad and his uncle were high school friends of mine. He is a talented young man.

To learn more about Liken go here

Their soon to be released feature will be Jonah and the Big Fish starring David Osmond.

Saw it on stage last spring. It was terrific!


Naysel said...

You are one hip momma! I know I say this all the time. But I truly miss your brownies! :) Hope your doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Trilby -- Thanks for the Liken plug! And thanks for your family's tremendous support and friendship over the years. It means a lot.


Rain Coyote said...

"I uuuused to be like you are now!" That's my favorite song too. That was cool to have him and Dan sing it again together.

Anonymous said...

The Forsey smile. I had to check out the David and Goliath songs.
Your right his voice is very pleasant to listen to. Takes me back to memory lane.

Cookie Doe said...

Oh my- how wonderful! Cammy looks a little star-struck!!