Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Love This cjane Gal and Benton Paul has Amazing Hair

Attended the premiere of the Rooftop Concert Series, the 'brain child' of world-famous blogger extraordinaire Cjane. Can I just say that she is awesome? And so was the concert!
(Look at the cheeks on her sweet baby, Ever Jane. I wanted to pinch them, but restrained myself.)

The setting was so cool with the background of the stage provided by our beautiful Provo Mountains.

(Coryn didn't want me to post this photo because she said she looked too star-struck. Who wouldn't be star-stuck after having Benton Paul talk to you in French? I think she looks darling! Mother's right to over-rule.)

Benton Paul gave a fabulous performance, as always, and with some great new songs. His back-up band was terrific and his warm-up singer, Nik Day, will be going places as well.

Benton served his LDS mission in Paris France and was so sweet when he found out Coryn had been called to serve there as well. They had a fun conversation in French.
He is such a nice guy and so talented.

NEXT IN THE CONCERT SERIES: THE LOWER LIGHTS, a hymn revival group. A perfect choice to kick off LDS General Conference Weekend.
October 1st at 8:00 p.m.
Top of the parking garage
Across from Sammy's
in Provo.
Did I mention it's FREE?


Cookie Doe said...

I know he is happily married but he and Coryn totally look like a happy couple. Bummer. What fun night. Love all of your purple!!!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Uh, yeah. My purple fetish is kind of ridiculous:)

Caitlyn said...

That concert was so fun! That is cool you got to meet Cjane! She is so awesome. and her baby is SO cute!

RainCoyote said...

That was fun times!