Monday, September 20, 2010

Miles for Melanie

Photo by Tim Pannell

Court, Coryn and I are attempting another 5K this weekend. This time, however, for a very important cause. My friend, Melanie Kau was diagnosed this past spring with malignant stage 4 lung cancer. Quite a shock to all who know her. Melanie is vivacious, athletic, a marathon runner and full of sunshine.

We got to know each other when we carpooled our daughters (Caitlyn and Keala) to their dance class in Orem. Melanie has always been such an example of goodness. Her husband and children are wonderful. She is facing this challenge with such grace and determination. So many people in our community know and love Melanie and she is receiving many tender mercies. To read more about her journey go here.


Cookie Doe said...

wow- cancer is just so ominous. How many people we know right now going through something like this. I'm proud of you guys for supporting her in this way. Good Luck.

Caitlyn said...

I love her and hope she can get through this! She is an amazing example of endurance!

Anonymous said...

Très attristé par cette terrible nouvelle. Connaissant ta détermination et ton courage, je suis sûr que tu es capable de gagner cette bataille. Bon courage. Je cours un cinq km pour toi chaque semaine à partir d'aujourd'hui. Smiles, hugs and cheers.

François Ghali